Pickup, drop off, and the bus

Pickup and drop off

If you're driving your kids to and from Mockingbird, please keep in mind that safety is the highest priority. The roads around the school become congested at peak times and it's important that everyone drive cautiously, at low speeds, and keep an eye out for children (and parents) crossing the roads. Please be patient and obey the traffic signs—including no parking signs—which are in place to help keep traffic flowing. Keep in mind that Dallas Police routinely issue tickets in this area. 


Mockingbird traffic map


(Download a pdf version of the map.)


Here are a few guidelines that may help:

  • Have your child ready to hop out of the car in the drop off zones (indicated in yellow on the map) on Delmar and Anita as well as in the front parking lot.
  • Keep traffic moving along in the drop off zones so everyone can get into school timely and safely.
  • Feel free to park on neighborhood streets and walk your child onto campus.
  • Be patient and kind with other parents, we're all in this together.
  • Don't park in the fire lanes or bus zones.
  • Don't let your child out in the middle of the street.
  • Don't park in drop-0off zones, reserved spots, or behind cars in the front parking lot. 


All Mockingbird students can ride the bus. (See the bus route maps.) For further information or if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Student Transportation Service Call Center at (972) 925-4287.   


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