Two-way dual language program at Mockingbird Elementary

The Two-Way Dual Language program at Mockingbird Elementary fosters bilingualism, biliteracy, biculturalism, and high academic achievement through instruction in two languages, English and Spanish. The program is part of Mockingbird's commitment to academic excellence through a rigorous curriculum and differentiated instruction designed to meet the needs of 21st-century students.

How it works

In the dual language program, students are grouped into bilingual pairs in order to learn from each other’s language strengths. These pairs work together at designated times to better understand content lessons, learning stations, and research centers. These partnerships foster accountability, collaboration, and empathy, and the balance between both languages helps foster the growth of the academic and social language.


Students are selected into the program through an application process. Anyone can apply, regardless of dominant language (i.e., dominant English, dominant Spanish, or dominant in another language altogether). 



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